I just did a little mastering on a couple of live albums that i have been compiling since April.  One is of my first project Redfish Bluefish with my sister Kia Suddarth, China Langford (who knows sings with passenger and pilot SF), and a few tracks with Felicia Figueroa(felina’s arrow).  I realized that I had live recordings of a bunch of songs that were never recorded otherwise.  I also found quite a few improv’s so i put a couple of those on there as well.  The second one is live tracks of Felina’s Arrow.  We had a lot of different guests perform with us at different shows throughout the years we played together.  I thought it would be fun to have an album with some of the different versions of our songs.  I believe there is one improv on that cd as well. there is one song that is recorded on a little zoom recorder in kitchen late at night after a gig and the shook twins were there singing and their old cellist, and percussionist were there as well.  the kitchen was packed we were teaching each other songs and just having fun. 

    When i started performing solo i was feeling like i had nothing and i was starting over.  I felt inspired, hopeless, and totally insane.  I began listening to my past and reading my diaries to figure out what had just happened.  Life didn’t hit me this time but dropped the ton of bricks in front of me in the shape of an armchair and said ay miha siente te con migo  take a break.  breath.  stretch.  shake.  let it go.  and so i sat there in the chair of life and death reviewing all that has happened all my sins and sins against me. by the grace of retrospect i found some hope in all that mess.  listening i could hear where i had been and who i’ve become.  while grace sat with my spirit, i layed at her feet to give thanks to life’s lessons.    i still don’t know if any of the old songs are any good or if anyone will like them but it gives me comfort to know that they will be printed soon and i can carry around my lessons so that i hopefully won’t forget them ever again.  when i leave on tour next month i’ll have both live albums with me as well as 3 of my other older albums.  ~poeina