Getting ready for dress rehearsal was a marathon.  I only slept 3 hours in the 72 hours before.  We ran into some set problems.  With my injury and not having any income i thought we could make the band boxes out of cardboard, paper mache, and paint, to save money.  We got them all built on time but they looked terrible.  We used them for the dress rehearsal and then threw them away.  The Mighty Linderman and I found a few really good dumpsters with wood and pallettes so we can start over with wood instead of cardboard.  I was of course driving and not actually jumping in with my hurt back.  Thanks to some lovely donations from people and businesses, The Bedroom Show will reach the finish before showtime.  I want to say thank you to those who have made a donation last week!  We are still in need of food donations both days for cast and crew, a working sewing machine(i’ve been sewing by hand),  and a fog machine.  if you’d like to make a personal or business donation to the bedroom show email me at   i need help sewing as well if i have any friends out there who miss seeing me and need a project. thanks ~poeina  

Larry Foltz – Intuitive Counselor 
Alberta Cooperative Grocery Store 
Vergnetti’s Coffee and Catering   
Robots Cupcakes custom bake shop
North Portland Acupuncture/chinese medicine  Christopher Slama Morel INC. formerly Witham and Dickey, Inc.