My friend China came to visit on a train from SF. Last night we went to check out whoever was playing at hotel cafe in LA. Neither of us had ever been there before. China’s band passenger & pilot are playing there next month on July 26th at midnight. I have a show earlier at house of blues On sunset at 7 I believe. We originally thought we were going to do a show together but it didn’t work out for many boring reasons. Luckily I will be able to play then head over to catch their set. The venue was really pretty and the first band we watched max and the moon. I definitely want to check them out again. I only heard two songs and the band was super tight and they had all these little stage things planned to make the show fun and entertaining. I can’t yet say I’m a fan. I’ve not been won over because in two songs I couldn’t properly gage if it was fully genuine or unique enough for multiple listens. I will definitely look them up and give a second listen. The next band I don’t remember their name and it was loud in a bad way. They didn’t seem like terrible people but non of them seamed connected or comfortable. The last band was an adorable group of young hippy guys from Provo Utah called desert noises. They were so real, so connected to each other, and they enjoyed every minute of their 11-o clock set on a Tuesday night with less than 30 people in the room. I can’t wait to see them live again. -Poeina