donations are really pouring in today! i am five dollars from my original goal of $5000.oo and we are almost at the 24 hour mark to begin the closing countdown. so far three people have pledged for me to write a song with there lyrics or poem. i think it would be fun if 2-3 more people pledged that so that i could give out an ep of kickstarter songs once i wrote the songs. i am already happy though so that is just a little funny dream. i am a little relieved that no one has pledged to get the dvd of live footage and music videos though because it’s one less thing for me to assemble and put out in conjunction to this fundraiser 🙂 i realized today that i didn’t ever put on any of the pledges that people could get a t-shirt….so….for the last 24 hours if anyone ups there pledge, or makes a new pledge of any amount over 15 dollars, you will receive a happy whore t-shirt. there will be 3 designs from the lyrics on the album. one is a machine heart, one is a danger bird, and the 3rd is a saints and sinners t-shirt! ~poeina suddarth