Endorsements & Sponsorships

Side Street Productions
SSP is a full-service production company, developing ideas from concept to broadcast.  Our clients and distributors of our work include some of the world’s most celebrated brands.  WB, Netflix, Apple, ShowTime, Hulu, MTV.

I am incredibly grateful to now be working with SSP for the 2nd!!!! music video sponsored by their company.  Great videos can make a name for an artist and establish professionalism and Brett Spackman at SSP has made it possible yet again for me to share my music with the world.   I am so incredibly grateful for their support for my art.  The first video we made is called Gasoline which is by far my best video on youtube check it out!

Andromiden Recordings
We are a fiercely Independent, full-service, record label & recording studio. We pride ourselves on organic recordings, challenging and incredible artists, and performances captured as real as possible for the listener.

I first met Andromiden at an open mic and they were immediately interested in my music and put me on a radio show.  After years of building a relationship in which they booked shows & tours for me they opened up their recording studio in Hollywood.  It’s been such an incredible opportunity to be sponsored by Andromiden Recording studio.  They believe in my music so much that they are currently sponsoring my band by giving us a rehearsal space!!!  In Los Angeles having a place to rehearse can be a huge battle for an independent artist.  Andromiden Recordings has taken that weight off my shoulders giving me more time to focus on crafting my sound and performance on stage and in the studio.

Thalia Capo
Effortlessly change keys and store above the nut for easy access.  Comes with 7 fret pads that snap in and out give you the ability to match the fret board of your instrument perfectly, keeping it in tune at all times.

Thalia Capo gifted me a 200 in silver chrome with pink angel wing inlay when I met them at the winter NAMM show.  I love it because it’s just a great design but it’s also beautifully made.  I take a lot of time and consideration to my image on stage and my Thalia capo is an excellent addition to my live show.  It’s not just another spring black capo but I can match my capo to my instrument or costume if I want because they make so many different hand crafted capos! I love my Thalia capo!

Cordial Cables Germany
In case of having to change instruments, the patented NEUTRIK silentPLUG allows guitar and bass players to connect or disconnect their instruments without causing any loud or crackling noise even if the respective amp is at full throttle.

I love this guitar cable! This is the best cable I’ve ever used and I’m so thrilled to play with it on stage and in the rehearsal studio.  I wanted to add a second guitar to my set but it always seemed like more trouble than it was worth but not anymore now that I use Cordial Cables.  I am now working a second guitar in an alternate tuning to my set thanks to the brillant design from Cordial Cable.  It’s going to make change overs painless & seamless for my audience which is very important to me.  Ik Liebe Deutchland!

Freak photo
My career in the audio/visual industry has led me to team up with some amazing clients such as The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Institute, Academy and Grammy Award winning composers, musicians, and just plain wonderful people.  I’m always in search of a creative spark…

Freak Photo invited me to make a live music video in Humboldt county, CA as part of the Humboldt Live sessions.  Freak Photo was absolutely so much fun to work with and to this day the video we made remains one of the best live videos I have on youtube.  Making music videos as an artist is essential for good promotion so I am ever grateful to Freak Photo for making it possible.  Years after the video was made my guitar broke at a show, it just snapped at the neck.  I posted on facebook and Chuck donated one of his personal acoustic Epiphone guitars to me so I could continue on.  Not only am I grateful for everything Freak Photo has done but I’m also a big fan of Chuck’s work!


MicGripZ Pro
Our Mission “to bring function and design to the global stage” Designed by performers with the guidance of industry engineers to manufacture one mic clip for all microphones regardless if they are corded or wireless.

I really can’t tell you how many shows I’ve struggled with the wrong mic clip or a broken mic clip for one reason or another.  I love the flexibility and durability of the MicGripZ Pro.  It gives me the option to to use any kind of microphone that I want and I don’t have to worry if it will fit or hold on the stand.  I also have the Neon Pink MicGripZ and it matches one of onstage costumes perfectly and truly every detail on stage matters!

Monheim Microphones
Our high end sound is designed and made carefully at affordable prices for the modern engineer, musician, and artist.  German Engineering. US Pricing

I’ve been recording an album using The Monheim Omni High SPL microphone to capture my vocals and guitar.  The Monheim Omni mic has a really clear and live sound that makes me feel like my live vibe is captured in the recording.  I performed at the Monheim Mic booth at the winter 2018 NAMM show in Aneheim and used both theThe Monheim FET Microphone & The Monheim Channel Strip.  It’s always a pleasure working with Monheim mics!

Photo by VintageRock.com