Discover the untold stories and haunting melodies that will transport you to another world. Join me on this journey of self-expression, where stories and music intertwine to create magic. Explore the power of vulnerability, the beauty of resilience, and the triumph of the human spirit.  Step into the world of Poeina and let your imagination ignite.




"Strange Is Pretty Normal to Me at This Point"

“Currently on her Trains, Planes and Automobiles tour supporting Poeina, she relies on the ridesharing kindness of fans, strangers and truckers to get her from gig to gig since her van broke down almost a year ago. She doesn’t always make it, but hitching about the country can only add inspiration to her wandering brand of old-tyme Americana-flavored, indie rock-infused, twangy-otherworldly-pop.”  ~ By Glenn BurnSilver Pheonix New Times

Humboldt Live Sessions: Poeina

“It’s harder to play guitar when your digits are cold. But singer/songwriter Poeina Suddarth soldiers through in this edition of Chuck Johnson’s Humboldt Live Sessions. She and Yogoman Burning Band trumpeter Thomas Deakin made their way up Horse Mountain for a performance of the song “White Mountain Beauty.” ” ~ Andrew Geoff Lost Coast Output

The Importance of Following Your Dreams

“To our surprise we were joined by Poeina, the costume designer for Feldman and his angels.  She stated they were taking a little bit longer getting ready so she was here to play a few songs.  Understandably we were a bit annoyed but she shut us up real quick.  This girl has pipes!  I will not be surprised when she is popping up on the radio shutting it down.”  ~ Jason Price Icon Vs Icon

Two Worlds Collide

“First of all, the vocals have a quirkiness that could be compared to Regina Spektor and Bjork… This discipline seems to have paid off because Suddarth’s voice has lots of range and emotional depth. She has the control of an opera singer, the tenderness of a folk singer, and the unleashed power of a woman scorned.” By Angela Jossy Evergreen State College

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