average believer from poeina on Vimeo.

I had a ton of cd’s that my sister gave me. I finally went through them put some on my computer and got rid of the rest. I had a stack of cd album covers that i cut into pieces and made collages. my original idea was to have a facebook contest where the person who could identify the most correct band album covers would win something. Then I got carried away. I made buildings out of all the holiday wrapping and boxes and glued the collages onto the buildings. Then I found a free book at the library called EL MAR with tons of pictures of the ocean and sea creatures. I took photos of all the pictures in the book and made a slideshow and turned my computer into a puppet show building with the slideshow rolling in the background. This project started taking over my whole apartment very quickly and my boyfriend Johnny got dragged into it. He painted all the bottles in the recycling can and the project continued. The live song I chose to use is a song I wrote for my sister to apologize to her about some things I said in the past that I can never take back. It is also a song for me to poke fun at myself and the lessons I’ve learned. If something bad happens it’s not the end of the world, we’re not all going to die, and we just have to work through things to get back to peace. I spent much of my life being over dramatic which I guess in a lot of ways I still am but now I can channel my drama into something creative and expressive. I decided I wanted to finish the music video by January 25th for my sister’s birthday present. As life goes it took a lot longer than I anticipated and so in tradition with how we were raised I will be posting this video on my birthday for her birthday present. (people called us “the girls” and everybody asked if we were twins. I got presents on her birthday and she would get presents on my birthday). The paper machet sixtopus (not octo because he only has 6 legs) was tough to make but it’s all made from holiday trash and egg cartons. the final installation before filming were the eggurines and ceramic birds which were given to me by Thomas Deakin (on trumpet in the song) who moved into a house that was filled with thousands of them. Awesomely enough the dead birds turned out to be very symbolic of my childhood and I know my sister will understand exactly what it means.