I was very happy that we could get the car fixed so quickly. I was also proud of myself that I figured out what the problem was before calling the mechanic. Yesturday was a long hard day and a day to be grateful. We wouldn’t have had enough money to fix the car without all the donations from everyone. We raised around $1800 in fundraising for the new tour vehicle. Even with repairs we’re still doin good. We plan to sell this van and put the money back into a van fund when we get home so that we can have more time to look for the best tour van we can find. We want to keep on the road and missing shows is just painful and dissapointing. We were both sad to miss SLC but we hope ya’ll utahans will drive out to see us tonight in Logan at the quadside cafe at the university up there. Boise at the color cube tomorrow all ages $5. then finally we’ll be back home for our final show of this journey at kelly’s olympian 10pm $5 with what hearts and the jackalope saints. *poeina