Our engine exploded on hwy 10 headed to Austin.  Sarah immediately stopped the car. When she popped the hood for me to check it out, the engine was very much aflame. We grabbed sand and water to put out the fire and then proceeded to investigate.  Two wonderfully generous folks stopped to help.  We came to realize  that a piston had exploded, blown a hole through the oil pan and busted the front part of the muffler pipe.  It was clear that our beloved Mini Tank had passed on to metal heaven, where she drives in the sky. Our angels consoled us as best they could and helped us to see our only option: to abandon the car.  So we loaded all our belongings (which took a minute) and hitched a ride with one of our new road friends, heading to San Antonio.  We made it to the show and performed a humorously good show.
Today we are trying to figure out how to get a new more dependable touring vehicle.  Please click the donate button on my tumblr site or www.poeina.com to donate $20 if you can so we don’t have to live in Texas.  Thanks! ~Poeina and the Mighty Linderman