I’m in a new city with my broken suitcase & a guitar, calluses on my hands from carrying them all hell around the country.  I’m feeling intimidated today by being in a new region far from my friends, family, and comfort zone.  I am trying to make the best of my time by fitting in as many open mics as I can.  I am going to try and find the radio stations here as well and stop by and see if they will play my music.  city buses are the toughest to get on and off with luggage dodging babies and old men while everyone wants to know what’s in the case.  It can be really exhausting to constantly be engaged with people but I try and use every opportunity to tell people about my music.  I just keep trying to remember all the musicians before me who had to do what i’m doing so I can keep my spirits up.  

Folk Jam Session

Tuesday July 16th
show up 15 minutes early to get a seat start time 7pm 

Homestead Pickin’ Parlor 6625 Penn Ave. So. Richfield, MN

Open Mic
Wednesday July 17th
6pm sign up 7 start time

Ginkgo’s 721 N Snelling Ave. St. Paul, MN 

Open Mic

Thursday July 18th
6pm sign up 7pm start time

Riverview Cafe

3753 42nd Ave South Minneapolis, MN 

Friday July 19th
7pm  show time all ages & free

Smokey Row Coffeehouse

1910 Cottage Grove Des Moines, Iowa



Saturday July 20th 7pm all ages

Great Day Cafe

Overland, Kansas

Open mic

Sunday July 21st 9pm

The Stagger Inn Again

104 east vandal street

Edwardsville, IL


Monday Jul 22, 8:30pm

The Bar 10 Doors

Chicago, IL

W/Amanda Davids
Age Limit: 21+   Tickets: $4