Crystal Fighters – You & I" from Elliott Sellers on Vimeo.

Directed by: Elliott Sellers
Produced by: Jack Richardson and Judy Craig
Cinematography, edit & color by: Elliott Sellers
Production design by: Tyler Jensen
Gaffer: Charlie Balch
Camera assistant: Robert Spaulding
Stop motion animation of ‘Petrie’ the bird by: Dan Mackenzie
VFX: Zak Stoltz
FX tree makeup/prosthetic by: Will Lemon
Human make up: Julie Rae
Bird beautification: Jessica Lynn
Puppet consultant: Gabe Temme
Grips: Michael Love, Daniel Batalles
Faceless Lumberjack / pal: Grant Leuchtner
Production company: The masses

No birds (or trees) were harmed in the making of this film :}