3 days ago my feet failed me. Today is closing on the 2nd full day that I’ve been totally imobile. What I’ve seen in these two silent days… I have great friends, my housemates are very kind and generous, my house needs dusting, and yeah so maybe I’m a workaholic. I’ve really run myself into the ground this time. I had acupuncture today and as soon as it was done I had a lot more mobility and I was able to walk to the car unassissted which I couldn’t do on the way in. I was completly exaughsted by the time I got to the car but I walked at least ten steps. Mostly today I was happy that I could lean on my side and type with one hand on my computer. I’m still working on typing up the bedroom show so that sound, lights, and stage manager know how everything fits together outside of my head. Tomorrow I go back to rehearsals. Sarah is going to help me get to the couch in the garage tomorrow and set me up with a guitar. I’ll be able to do it if i lay down. tomorrow’s rehearsal is with the string section of the bedroom show. My acupunturist said that I should be able to dance by showtime so for now I’m not going to worry about that. *poeina