the show last night was really nice.  i sang acoustic on a little couch in the corner of the coffee shop.  i made just enough money to make it to my next destination and that was really the whole point.  walking around in my heals, white dress, and little hat on the way to the show was very interesting. even in SF i seemed to draw attention. i had a guitar in one hand and my suitcase with flier’s in the other. i got some snarls, scoffs, a lot  of questions and a few “aye que bonita’s”.  one man asked me if i always dress like a wedding cake. i got my arm caught in one of the bart trains trying to ask someone a quick question but luckily someone helped open the door in time before it jet off.    i wore black scrapes on my arms for hours to remind me not to do stupid things.  the bus ride to the show was so beautiful. we drove through the park and there was pillows of clouds falling out of the trees onto the ground.  it was so cold and so pretty.  after the show i went with some friends to an art opening and here i am at  day two in san francisco.