my newfew won’t eat anything he’s so picky. he also thinks he’s a dog and he only eats “dog treats and dog food”.  he has this high fiber cereal that he likes cuz it looks like dog food and he took a sharpy to the box to relabel it.  he’s a little dyslexic though so he started writing dood fog until i sounded it out.  he looked at me funny then realized he got it mixed up so he crossed out one letter at a time then just started over.  now it says dod food.  i think the 2nd d on dod is an upside down g.  i am having lots of fun with my family.  last night i taught the kids a bunch of songs. we were all singing together.  they had fun but they thought the songs were really weird.  dolly parton, leonard cohen, gillian welsch, and other folk tunes about jail, murder, love, and broken promises.   the youngest niece wanted to know if i wanted to play barbies this morning. she said that she has a gay ken who wears a bikini but she doesn’t have another ken doll for him to play with.