I was in heaven and I was looking for a restroom. The line in heaven was really long but there was no line across the hall in hell. I wanted to go where there was no line but I had just gotten there and didn’t know what the rules were and didn’t want to get stuck in hell. All I could think was well at least most of us made it into heaven. I went walking around looking for another restroom and found a smoke room. I went in and it was filled with huge piles of marijuana plants. I grabbed a few buds and put them in a paper bag and walked out. God was sitting there at a table and I said “hey god we get to smoke weed in heaven?!”. And god sayeth unto me with a little grin on his face “ well yeah and I’ll even pay for it” I told him that I was so excited that I accidentally grabbed a few buds that were still wet. He told me to take them out to dry in the sun and to roll up a fat doobie and he’d be down in a minute. *poeina