I had a dream last night that I was eating dinner.  I had a few bites and was getting into it when I noticed some weird sticky clumps.  I looked closer and noticed a hole on the side going into the center of my pile of food.  a tiny mouse came out all sleepy eyed and stared at me.  I was so grossed out that I’d been eating a mouse house that I froze in terror!  the mouse ran off and I finally came to my senses and got some courage.  I bent over to catch the mouse so I could throw it outside.  Just as my hand was wrapped around the mouse my big grey cat (i don’t have a cat), pounced on the mouse and so my hand caught the mouse and the claw of the cat.  i pryed the cats claws from the palm of my hand while holding the mouse.  i dropped the cat and realized he had killed the mouse and it was dead in my hand.  I decided to let the cat have it and threw it on the floor.  I woke up and had to brush my teeth I was so grossed out about eating the mouse house. yuck.