I received this fan mail today after I sent out my monthly calendar about my show schedule.  I will be telling you how I feel about it for the next few days.  it got ranty and long so I decided to do it in parts.

Thanks for this message, I really do appreciate it. I want you to know that Jesus Christ loves you. He is our Lord and Saviour, all good things in life revolve around him because he is actually inside us as we are so assuredly within him. He is forgiveness, when you forgive others you are in fact doing his work and creating his salvation. Perhaps you could say a prayer today, in His name, for him to bless and enter your life? I was struggling with drugs and got very sick and could not find myself, so everyday I prayed to Jesus and slowly and surely I was healed and my life went from falling apart to standing back on my feet again. Isn’t that amazing? 

We have one real choice to make in this life – it seems complicated and it seems like there are thousands of paths to go down – but truly there is only one path that is important – Will you follow, love and Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If you don’t believe me then on your own time say a prayer to Jesus to enter your life, and see the results before your very eyes. That is how the Holy Spirit works. 

I have been reading the bible a lot lately, this was a book I was foolish to ignore most of my life. The new testament talks about Jesus’s life, and in that book he speaks directly to us. He knows more than anything or anyone else what Life is like, and how hard and beautiful it can be. But he wants us to know that we are not meant for this world, we only have physical life in it, true Eternal Life is with him in God’s Kingdom, which is heaven. Don’t you want to go to heaven and live forever with Jesus Christ? I know I do, because that is Eternal. If you don’t know Jesus you don’t go to heaven. It’s like Jesus taught us. Imagine tree branches on the tree of Life, those who love and know Jesus with all their heart bear the most precious fruit, those who do not know Jesus are pruned and perish in Fire, which is Hell. Hell is very real and very awful. You don’t want to go there. If you go on Youtube and type in “Near Death Experiences – Hell” you will know what I am talking about. There are many people who beg people everyday in their lives to avoid going to this place. You HAVE TO KNOW and LOVE Jesus Christ. 

To learn more, please watch Mary Baxter’s testimony about hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx22lpyxlQs

God wants you to know that There is Urgency that you Please say that prayer, please spread this word when you are ready. 

Jesus Christ bless your life forever, Amen.