Yesterday was a great day for the campaign and we received four new backers for the project bringing us up to $980 in donations!!  Thank you Pam Kaufhold, Gordon Glenn, Robert Johnson, and Emma Morehouse for backing my project!!  I love and appreciate all of you!!  The project is now 10% funded with 25 backers and 16 days to go!  

We still have free gifts from My Sweet lil Cakes available for backers in the Seattle area & The runway & posing workshop is still available for the next donor in the Salt Lake City area!  I will be talking with other businesses to see what other fun incentives we can come up with to cross promote this campaign and get ya’ll some cool extra gifts! Please stay tuned on facebook and twitter and keep sharing the link for free music! 

I am headed to Arizona now for a couple gigs and then to LA for a couple gigs.  Then next week I head up to the NW through SF, Portland, Olympia and end this leg of the trip in Idaho! The last show in this tour is a big fundraiser which will raise hopefully $2000 for this project the day before it ends.  Ok so here we go 16 days to raise around $6grand!  We can do this! no problem!