although i was very grateful to have a wheelchair the last few days i am very happy to be up and walking again!  i’m no where near ready to get back to dancing at the dance rehearsals but hopefully by May i will be able to dance in the bedroom show.  (for more info about the bedroom show go to  i will be performing this saturday at mississippi studios for the siren nation billie holiday show.  it’s been really difficult to practice since i haven’t been able to lift my guitar or sit.  i’ve listened to the songs i’m doing a million times and since i’ve been able to sit up the last couple days i’ve gotten some work done on the songs.  i hope i can stay and watch the whole show saturday but i may play my 3 songs and go home.  i already decided i won’t cancel though.  i’m going to spend the rest of today getting ready to practice my songs with drums and bass at tomorrow’s rehearsal.  this show usually sells out so if you are in Portland and you want to go get tickets asap!