I’m in northern California with my brother and Sarah playing a bunch of private parties in the mountains.  It’s been a lot of fun but last night we had off and we partied for Halloween.  We saw the shook twins perform in Arcata and they looked fantastic.   I love running into friends on the road who are also on the road.  People are really into Halloween here!   I found Waldo, met dumb and dumber, and ran into a hammer head shark.  She wasn’t a scary shark though.  We’ve been playing music every day and hiking around the redwoods.  We have a few more shows then we are headed back up to Portland to get ready for a show at The Jade lounge on November 20th.  Nicole Sangsuree will open up the night at 8pm.  please remember to check out my fundraiser page for my upcoming album.  I’ve been getting some great donations but i haven’t reached my goal yet!!  go to www.poeinasuddarth.com and click on the KS button.  thanks 🙂