I have been crazy trying to get ready to leave that I forgot to post my tour schedule :) I will do that tonight when sarah and I get to arcata. We are playing at a babyshower tomorrow and then we are headed south to start a three week tour through california, arizona, new mexico, texas, colorado, utah, idaho and then we have a portland show the day we get home to finish the trip. Sarah will only be touring with me for the first half of my trip then my friend anna will join me in phx and continue on with me through the end. Some of ya’ll may remember her from the bears and the bees who came up to portland a while back and did a house show with felina’s arrow. Basically rad so yeah any way blog blog blog… I got a camera now woot woot! So I’ll be updating videos and pics from our trip daily if possible! I haven’t fully updated my calender yet but it’s mostly up on myspace and also on sonic bids. I will post up my schedule of FB and on tumblr tomorrow morning first thing and finish updating the other online calenders. We’re driving see you all soon yay! *poeina