I was just about to post an ad on rideshare after looking for a ride for days on craigslist to get to my gig in Flagstaff… when a wonderful magical person who has asked to remain anonymous… bought me a plane ticket to help me on my travels!  i got a ticket from LA to Phoenix on friday and then I take a shuttle up to Flagstaff!  I’m playing at the Monte Vista Hotel for a benefit for Kachina Peaks Avalanche society. I’ll be doing a couple Opera tunes, a solo acoustic set, and a set with a full band.  

This anonymous person said they couldn’t believe it when I posted looking for a ride on facebook and that I was hitch hiking.  They had no idea that I wasn’t on a record label and that I was doing all this traveling and marketing on my own.  I am extremely grateful and amazed right now!  Thank you Thank you thank you a million times!  this is going to be a great trip!  see ya’ll at the shows! ~poeina