When I was 18 I was in a band with my friend China Langford.  For fun sometimes we would go out on Broadway in Seattle with our guitars and busk for tips.  One day this cracked out “business man” approached us telling us we were gunna make it BIG TIME.  He was supposedly working on Prince’s tour and he was going to take us to the show and introduce us and all that.  We knew he was a big fat lier but we thought what harm could it do to walk downtown and see if we could get into the Prince show.  We got there early to wait in the guest list line and a woman with a clip board came along asking for ID’s to check the guest list.  I had forgotten my ID and only had my fake ID that said I was 21 on me so I was getting nervous as she approached.  She reaches the guy who invited us and he wasn’t on the guest list and he was trying to argue with her.  The woman was working, busy and didn’t have time for these type of excuses.  I leaned over to look at the list and saw a last name on the list that was same as the name on my ID.  The woman looks at me ignoring the guy we were with and asked for my ID.  I handed it over she saw the last name on the list matched and didn’t even notice the first name because she was in a hurry and she let me and China into the show.  We got into the show and from the other side of the door the weird guy who invited us was pounding on the glass telling us to wait for him and he was trying to get in.  We just laughed and walked into the show we unintentionally just snuck into.  Since we got in VIP we sat down with only 50 other people while prince came out and did his sound check and talked with everyone for a bit.  After his soundcheck He left the stage, the rest of the theater filled in with general admission guests, and the show began.  My friend China left before the show started because she had a class at school and felt obligated to not be late to.  So I stayed by myself and watched the amazing show.   China told me that she always regretted that decision to leave the concert and go to class.