Local Spotlight: Poeina Suddarth

She may have only lived in Cedar City for about nine months as a teenager, but that should qualify Poeina Suddarth as at least somewhat local.

The Los Angeles-based singer later returned to Southern Utah while touring with her band Felina’s Arrow. Most recently, she played two slots at this year’s Groovefest, headlining the June 26 Campfire Concert in the Canyon then playing the second stage on June 30 at Cedar City’s Main Street Park.

Both sets featured music from her latest album, “Happy Whore,” including her hard-hitting single “Gasoline,” which has been getting some radio play. The track showcases Suddarth’s powerfully defiant vocals against a spooky mix of banjo and mandolin.

The mando and banjo return for the gentle “White Mt. Beauty,” a charming mix of folk, gospel and bluegrass sounds that lets us enjoy the softer side of Suddarth’s raspy but engaging voice. That rasp gives songs like the bluesy “Electric Land” an earthy authenticity.

“Coral Reef” is the most dynamic track as it shows off the power and range of Suddarth’s vocals, especially as she sings in an operatic Latin style that morphs into impassioned aggression. To truly appreciate this song, though, you have to see Suddarth perform it live — ideally when she’s wearing a bright pink dress and trotting around a campfire in Cedar Canyon. It’s a sight to behold.

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