I was invited by Dazey Hemp to sing in the Women Grow Lounge at the Infused Expo.  I make costumes professionally and I often get burns when I make mistakes at work.  I had a bad burn from a rough week at work and the owner of Dazey Hemp gave me some dead sea mineral/cannabis moisturizer.  It healed my nasty burn in two days! I was certainly amazed because I have marks still from older burns.  That definitely peaked my curiosity about all different uses of medical marijuana.  The Women Grow are all about empowering women to be leaders in the cannabis industry.  They were a rad bunch of women to meet.  I also ran into a musician friend I haven’t seen in years.  Mona was playing percussion with the band Backbone.  She is also a road warrior and we’ve always hung out in various cities when our tours have crossed.  We were shocked and excited to have a run in.  You can see her playing in the video as well.  I had a blast and here is a little video from the event!  http://dazeyhemp.com/  http://womengrow.com/  

The song I was singing when the camera caught my set is called Lost In A Love Song.  There is a demo on soundcloud.  I wrote this song using a poem written by Rick Butler author and owner of the Hotel California.  It was a song contest I won a few months ago.  https://soundcloud.com/poeina/lost-in-a-love-song

The costumes I was wearing was a queen of hearts collaboration with my new business partner Crystal Hughes for our fashion company Junkyard Mermaid.  We use post industrial fashion waste in our designs as a way to reduce waste and bring awareness to new ideas of using and reusing our resources.  You can find our designs at https://www.etsy.com/shop/JunkyardMermaid