wonderful quiet listening room last night! totally acoustic set could have been a disaster but everyone who came stuffed themselves into the jade lounge with their best indoor voices.  the quiet attentiveness allowed me full range manipulation of the room sound.  i got to be playful with my dynamics and i sang my heart out. summerlands were adorable! they did a few old time cover songs with banjo and guitar and two part harmony.  everyone sang alone with them and filled the room with laughter.  we had a pre-show rehearsal in the bathroom at the jade to go over the couple of songs we had rehearsed to do together.  it was fun to back them up with guitar i haven’t been able to do that very often since felina’s arrow broke up.   there is some good news about felina’s arrow though…even though the band is broken up we finished recording a new album before we parted ways.  that album called “when tragedy becomes love” will be released hopefully sometime before the release of my solo album “happy whore” in may.