I’ve been going through my grandpa and grandma’s things trying to clear out the house with my family. My grandpa loved music and I got to take quite a stack of cd’s and records. I can’t wait to sort through them and listen to his collection. My grandpa was a horn player and loved big bands of the thirties and jazz music. I found a box of square dancing costumes and learned that my grandparents loved going out square dancing together. My cousins and I sorted through our grandmothers dresses and each chose one that we had our own memories attached to. I found a geneolgy book and read through the index to find out that my sister and her husband are actually something like 4th cousins. So we’ve been teasing them quite a bit about that. We used to joke that they might be related because we are all mormon decendants but yesturday it was confirmed without a doubt. Very eventful here but I am also itching to get back to working on music. I still have quite a bit of work to do before that album gets done.