I’m driving through the canyon lands of LA county
everyone is someone here and they’re better than me
They’re still gold rushin diggin California
bankrupt city you won’t hear me crying.

You’re dressed to the nines in your rock n roll garb
with tattoo vines of roses climbing up your arms
but you don’t know the first thing about rock n roll
‘cuz you’re just a poser and a little girl.

Veronica you can try, try and tear me down
lie to your fancy friends and even laugh out loud
but try makin a livin working 14 hour days
straight job with tax is a slave’s wage
try makin a living driving ten-fifteen hours in a day
just to show up at the gig and they say you aren’t getting paid, maybe then you’ll understand what rock n roll is for
it’s something that you gotta do even if there’s no,
no reward.