i went last night as soon as i got back from idaho over to watch the rough draft of the music video for the coral reef song. it was so exciting! i was laughing at how cute all my friends are and at myself for dragging them all into it! he he he!! then i talked to my friend mr. smokavitch about mixing and all of that. we are going to get together next tuesday to listen to the songs and talk about what needs to be done and make a plan. so i’ll be driving up to olympia :) i hate sleeping in my couch/bed any way and i started referring to my bedroom as my expensive storage unit that i hang out in sometimes. it sure doesn’t look like a storage unit though. i have the best housemates ever! every time i get back in town they have done something to make the house a home. they put up lights and a christmas tree while i was gone and tonight we are gunna cook dinner together. if i wasn’t so excited about all my projects right now i would be crying about the cold dark rain outside…but i sure love portland’s drinking water mmmm… ~poeina suddarth