I’m writing this letter to ask for help in reaching my goal on a project that is important to me: making music practice fun and enjoyable, something that students of all ages can look forward to.

Because we humans are inherently musical beings, it is my mission to get as many people as possible playing, singing and being part of the music experience.

Wouldn’t it be great if music students LOVED practicing? if they totally enjoyed practicing scales, arpeggios and longtones?

I think s
That’s why I’ve written my music method, Truly FUNdamentals, the most FUN musical warmups ever.

After publishing the Teacher’s Edition Sept. 2011, I am ready to publish the instrument-specific books. Truly FUNdamentals will be available for C, Bb, Eb, F, and bass clef instruments.

I need your help to make it happen! As of May 10, I’m 80% funded with 13 days to go.

Please visit my kickstarter page (link below) to watch a video in which I explain it all. I’m seeking backers of my project and I’ve got a great selection of rewards that you can choose from after you make a donation.

No donation is too small. Or too large, for that matter. 😉

If you can’t make a donation or even if you can, I invite you to share my project and the kickstarter link with others who might be interested.


Together, we can help music students everywhere start enjoying their daily practice. Thank you.

Author, Musician, Teacher Mary Ellen Grace • 503-888-5796
Truly FUNdamentals, the most FUN musical warmups ever