hi it’s poeina. i am trying to put out a solo album. i have a fundraiser going on right now 15-20 bucks is really all i need from everyone to make this happen but you can donate as little as 1 dollar or as much as well a million dollars i guess… i have 13 days left to reach my goal of $4500 on kickstarter in order to recieve all the donations otherwise no one is charged and i have to figure out another way to put out this album. please go to my page and check it out and see what you can do to help. the money from this fundraiser will pay the costs associated with printing and promoting of my new album “happy whore”. i will be printing cd’s and vinyl records. the fundraiser ends december 1st so please go check it out asap and please tell your friends and family about it. some of the gifts i have available for donors are a live album of music i have done over the past 12 years, i will write a song with your poem or lyrics record it and send it back, a song book of all the songs from the album with lyrics and guitar chords and lots more. thanks! ~Poeina suddarth