thank you to everyone who have been donating to my kickstarter page!  so far i have raised $645 bucks for the “happy Whore” album!  still 26 days left to come up with the rest but i am hopeful.  i have been listening to the recordings over and over for the last few days trying to pick out 13 and figure out the order.  i did figure out the first song and the last song so i am making progress.  i tried to put a bunch of people in a room to ask about which songs to cut because i was having a hard time.  the feedback i got was really entertaining.  i was told that number 7 has to be the best song on the album, the last song should be slower, and everyone loves the secret track; but it can’t be too good of a song.  The logic for that last one is that if the secret song is too good then you will get mad in your car that you can’t skip to the secret track.  other than that no one could tell me which songs to kick off so i went back to debating with myself. ~poeina suddarth