The Endangered Species Print Project

Artists Molly Schafer and Jenny Kendler have collaborated to create a series of beautiful limited edition art prints featuring endangered plants and animals, which they sell for $50 each, and give 100% of the sales to small organizations that work to protect these species.

The prints are rad, and the whole idea behind the project is awesome.  If there are only 45 actual animals of a certain species left in the wild, they will make only 45 prints of that species, and when those prints are gone, they are gone, just like the animals.

We have actually seen Molly’s work before, when she had a solo show in Raleigh at our favorite local gallery, Lump Gallery.  In her art, she delves into issues of connectedness (or lack thereof) to our paleolithic ancestors, and the exhibition was rife with crystals, dream catchers, hunter women, bears and spears.  We are new to Jenny’s art, but we also love it.

Here is what they say about their project, on their website, endangeredspeciesprintproject.com:

“ESPP was born —- after a years of showing their art regarding the Natural World in the Gallery World —- from Kendler and Schafer’s collective desire to operate outside this white-wall system and use their artistic talents to directly support conservation efforts and biodiversity on Planet Earth. Kendler and Schafer aimed to craft a project which would use drawing (the thing they were best at and most enjoyed doing) to positively impact the natural world (the thing they cared most about and most enjoyed experiencing).”

We are getting one, and you might want one to.  So we’re giving you a heads up, before they are all gone.