Sarah and I woke up 3 hours after going to sleep, following our 17 hour drive from austin; so that we could hit the road and make it in time for our gig in santa fe tonight. We were so tired we locked the keys in little texas(the van) when we got up to shower. Instead of going to breakfast with our friends we spent the morning using a coat hanger to get back into little texas. Finally back on the road, about 20 miles in, we pulled over for coffee. There was an older gentleman there with quite an impressive mustache. I asked if he would mind if I took his picture so I could share this site with my mustache loving friends. I took a photo and he asked us where we were headed. He informed us that just an hour north of us, where we would be right now if we weren’t running late, is a really bad accident. Patrols are redirecting all the traffic off the hwy towards Sedona. I checked the map for an alternate route and found that the hwy we needed to take to avoid the mess was just a left turn out of the coffee shop parking lot. Once again we are onward Santa Fe! Show starts at 8pm at the little wing music space. We’ll be staying at our friends earthship tonight after the gig. I’ve never been in one so I’ll let ya’ll know what I think! Salude *poeina