Well this really has become quite the topic here are two responses I’ve gotten in regards to the fan mail I received and posted yesterday.

1.) I might anger some people for this post but I have to publicly tell the world and my sister poeina how I feel. Today she received a hate letter in the mail. It told her that she was going to hell. No one has the right to judge another person. Telling someone that they are “going to hell” is an evil abomination. I bet heaven cries when someone proclaims to be “Christian” then points their finger at others and judges them. If the greatest commandment above all others is to love one another than the opposite, hate and judgment have got to be the most evil of all sins. If someone ever tells you that you are “going to hell” steer clear of that evil person. The best way to share your love of Christ is to share love with others. This is the biggest problem in Christianity today. Stop hating and start repenting of your own stupidity and judgments. That angry person missed the point of what it means to accept Jesus. I love you Poeina Suddarth!

2.)He probably thought you got your musical talents from the devil at the crossroads

here is part two of my response!

The only person who has the right to bother me with their belief system is my Mother because it’s her job to try and tell me what’s right and wrong.  

why this email bothered me so much

1. don’t assume that I don’t believe in Jesus just because you feel so inspired to be a preachy annoying fuck. My beliefs are my beliefs and I don’t personally like to talk to anyone about anything I believe unless it helps me explain myself better to someone or if someone asks me specific questions.  I can believe or not believe in whatever I want to because of free will.  

2. it’s not a secret that you are unveiling to me.  I’ve Heard it a million times!!!  I went to seminary(mormon), I went to church(baptist, unitarian, methodist, presbyterian, LDS, Evangelical, buddist, Jewish, pagan, wican, Gay Church, church of god, catholic and so many more!), I took bible study(catholic), I went to church camp(mormon/ evangelical), I have done my time, I have searched high, low, and far into the depths of my soul in regards to the universe and it’s mighty mighty creator whatever that means to me.  I once heard someone say “that to sin is to miss the point” and I think when people say things like what I read in the fan email, you are missing the entire point of your own religion & belief system.  You are a sinner.  

3. your relationship with Jesus is suppose to be personal so please keep it to yourself.  There is an appropriate time and place for a spiritual discussion and I really think there should be some regard to consent when starting conversations like these.  No one should have to defend themselves or shut up and listen to a conversation they don’t want to have.  This on a social interaction/awareness of oneself perspective,  this kind of behavior is totally inappropriate.  If you don’t know that it’s fine just please read this and never do that again.  We have a larger community here now than we’ve ever had before and it’s more important than ever to respect the differences all around us.  Stop forcing your belief’s on people we all have a lot to learn from each other.  Stop isolating yourself from real interactions with people because you think, they should think, what you think. think about it.

If people mention their belief’s as part of their daily language, not directed at anyone, then people should be open minded to accepting the other persons beliefs as something that makes that’s person’s life better.  

We do not need to all believe the same things otherwise we’d all listen to the same genre of music which would obviously be rap. 

If you listen “to the spirit” as they say you will know when the right time to bring your faith into a conversation.  I’ve had some amazing exchanges with total strangers of a different faith than mine.  I remember one time some young nondenominational christian girls were running around the streets asking people if they could pray with them.  I knew right off the bat that I didn’t have the same belief system as them but they weren’t bothering anyone or telling anyone they would go to hell.  They were just young and excited about their God filling their lives with light & love and so I prayed with them in the middle of the street.  We huddled around our arms around each other, strangers engaging in physical spiritual contact.  Our eyes closed they said a prayer to bless us and they prayed about their gratitude for the beauty in life.  We parted ways and they didn’t verb batter my brains out with the preaching so it was beautiful.  Tid bit of info I was with my lesbian partner and these girls didn’t say anything homophobic or try and change us.  They just prayed for the pure beauty of connecting to random people for a moment of prayer.  

4. Why do this certain kind of christian feel the need to tell people they are going to hell as some sort of motivation to go get saved?  I say “certain kind of christian” because this email I received I’ve literally heard a hundred times verbatim as if the speaker is incapable of personal thought or speech. I’ve never gotten any love or light out of a threat for ever lasting fire and torcher.  I doubt anyone is going to hell just for not believing in Jesus that’s totally insane on so many levels and we have to die to figure that out any way.

here’s a list of people that I think if you want to tell them they are going to hell that’s perfectly fine

child molesters
people who torcher animals
Politician puppet masters for continually manipulating the masses for money & power.  
slave owners
organizers & participators in child prostitution and slavery
child pornographers
Monsanto needs to be reminded that they are going to burn in hell.  they are the ones in dire need of being told they need to repent for their sins and they need to turn their life around before it’s too late or they all burn in a lake of fire set by the people rebelling against starvation, manipulation, and flat out abuse towards all humanity.

I could go on this is a rant after all.