Last night I played two long sets for fifty bucks and free dinner.  It was good to be able to run through a lot of my songs.  Some corporate party showed up and were asking me questions as if I was an employee-in my pink reconstructed wedding dress-

People are funny.  The kids running around loved my princess dress and there was a pretty good crowd overall.  My friend Riannan ran the sound system and she is awesome, so it sounded beautiful.  

An old friend showed up on a date to my show which I thought was adorable.  My music is date night music whoo hoo!  

It’s been nice to be in Salt Lake to visit my sister Niya.  She is kind of like me in the sense that she is a business owner and young creative type.  I am happy that working today at coffee shop on booking shows, doing my updates etc that my sister is right next to me doing the same thing for her modeling agency.

Tomorrow I head south to Cedar City, UT for the Groovefest and a couple shows in AZ.  This trip feels a lot longer than it’s actually been.  traveling without my own vehicle has a lot of added stresses.  I’m hoping this next week will be so busy I won’t have time to notice and then I will be home!