SF show was fun there were about 20 people there and most of them hadn’t ever heard me play so that was good. There was an adorable peanut gallery of guys in the front who kept asking questions. They said my music was too much fun for being born in Seattle. They wanted to hear about murder and incest so we joked and I played “the Coral Reef” for the murder ballad and the closest thing I had to incest is a newer tune called “it’s not that I don’t love you”. It’s a song about how I would have given my life for my sisters had I the choice. When my father took away me and my sisters, my mother came to him to plea for her children. She left without them to mourn as lallarona because the offer was too great. She could have my sisters if he could have me and my mother didn’t make the trade and lost us all. This song is the only way I can process how that made me feel to hear. I decided I’m going to start recording and releasing songs a I write them because it will be cheaper than recording an album and ya’ll won’t have to wait around forever to hear them.