I am feeling crazy for doing another tour without a car of any kind.  I’m hoping that I will just get in the groove of things and not think too much about the hard parts.  Hauling my suitcase of cd’s and guitar on buses, trains, and rideshare is just plain heavy.  Today is a train ride day which is very nice because I have wifi and an outlet for my phone.  I just listened to my interview from last night.  It was fun to hear it back and realize maybe I haven’t completely wasted my life away and that I’ve done a few things worth chattin about.  I think I’m finally getting the hang of the interview thing I don’t think I said like and um too much.  Tonight I play at Blue Danube in Alameda, CA.  Tomorrow I will be playing in SF which is real close by so I’m hoping to do some busking in the bart station to try and make extra money to get to Blue Lake, CA on Wednesday.  Wish me luck!