I was busking in Olympia and there was a palm reader next to my designated (by the market) busking spot. After my allotted half hour set she approached me and said I was really good but that I really disturbed her. I said okay well I’m done and it’s all over now. Then she kept going…well you were just so loud, there was a string quartet over here earlier and you were way louder than them even you really disturbed me… I was frustrated at this point that she continued on and responded that it is my intention as a musician to evoke something in people so If I was irritating her than I had done my job. Then I walked off and she packed up her booth. Then of course our paths cross again as she is loading her car I’m crossing the street. She said – well you know you are a rock star right? She then said she was mad because she couldn’t tune it out and wanted to listen but she was working so we hugged and I gave her my album. Very strange interaction.