Thanks to Dave for being totally amazing and having a rad family who fed me and let me hang out today. He drove me from LA to Auburn then took me to the bus station to catch a ride to Redding. I left on this tour with not a dime to my name and so far so good. I’m going to make it to the first show and from here out it should get easier- so long as everyone buys all the handmade merchandise I brought with me!

Oh this bus ride. This dude shouted shorty at me like fifty times then just started shouting hey until I finally answered. I wanted to fuxking rip his throat out. Then he told me his name was Guady and that he wouldn’t tell me the rest of his name because then I wouldn’t want to talk to him and I gave him a look and turned around and he stopped. He continued to talk on the phone loudly about getting out of jail. Gold teeth, white, trustafarian looking type of dude.

Road life. I’m just so freakin grateful the greyhound let it slide that I had one too many freaking bags! My friend Kimberly is picking me up in Redding. She drove from Portland, OR to help me get around to my CA gigs before I meet up with Thomas & Jake for the rest of the tour. See you at the shows! First stop Arcata, CA at Blondies 420 California st