back to back rehearsals all week. it’s awesome and my body hurts. today i took a break from my project for my first day on the self rescue film set.  i can’t believe ian has me acting in his movie! ahh!  it was cold down by the river in estacada and a much needed break from my reality.  not too bad though we just had a 6 hour day.  i have a little dinner break right now in which i am writing to ya’ll then i’m headed back into the bedroom show for dance rehearsal tonight.  i’ve been getting a lot done on the bedroom show everything is coming together but i’ve had a little break down every day this week.  i didn’t anticipate that i would get so worked up this soon before the show.  i haven’t hardly slept this week because the few hours a night i do have available to rest i have non-stop choreography running through my head, story lines, set list, costume changes, and then the tireless alarm starts talking in circles to me about how i should get up and shower, eat, or other crazy things.  i knew this show would be immensely personal for me but it’s been a challenge to fully emotionally commit to bearing my naked soul in front of the theater.  i have a lot of great friends who say all the right things like shut the f#*^ up you’ll be fine, and remember you love what you do etc.   i have a show tomorrow night it’s my last songwriter nightcap of the january series i’ve been hosting at mississippi pizza in portland oregon.  show is at 10pm $3 i’ll be doing some collaboration with the other artists as i have been doing all month long!  orion coleman, sleepwalker and poeina suddarth.. ~poeina