a little show drama, had to replace a dancer, that wasn’t fun, but the choreography is really coming together and we’ve started working on the 3rd number.  the show must go on and we will be ready.  i am working on a sponsership letter so that i can get some funding for this show.   my computer crashed and i was down for a week.  it gave me a lot of time to really focus on the show and think of all the tiny details that i needed to think about.  i started filming for the video in the show with ian stout this weekend.  it was a pretty intense scene and i fought flashbacks for a couple hours.  i did okay though because i have the best housemates ever!  they had whiskey all ready for me and they took me out dancing to forget about all the stresses of the world.  this show has been so emotionally and creatively challenging for me and i am grateful to be in the stresses of show time.  this show is really pushing me beyond my own expectations of myself.  i question myself everyday if i am totally insane and if i should give up.  when i went out dancing the other night with my housemates i was wearing these fabulous heels that after a few hours they became sitting shoes.  i sat in the corner behind the sardine packed dance floor and watched the video projected up on the wall of cher.  she was doing some crazy things with costumes and dancers etc.  i looked up at her and her wig changes with every song and said to myself…if cher can do that then i can definitely pull off my show.  minor differences cher had tons of money, i’m sure, to put on her show and i have none…minor details.  ~poeina