“The time I lost my faith and still survived” are not simply words crafted by Poeina Suddarth, powerfully sung on her new album, Happy Whore. These words are a representation of our basic human capacity to reach beyond the expectations we put upon ourselves to extend beyond the darkness, beyond the solitude of suicide survival, to find life on the other side. Her highly anticipated multi-media event, The Bedroom Show, will showcase this theme using classical, modern, and pop influenced dance choreography along with a silent film, and a full band, featured in an intimate 1930’s pinup girl bedroom set. This positive, passionate, explosive, two night show will fill your eyes, ears and minds with beautiful music, exquisite dancing, and a story that will leave you feeling awed, and inspired. Be the first to experience the music from Poeina’s 7th album at this unique and breathtaking event held exclusively on May 19, and 20, 2011, at the Alberta Rose Theater. Tickets are $18 pre-sale, $22 at the door.