I woke up at 4am strapped my suitcase full of merch and my guitar to my collapsible dolly. I walked a mile and a half and took two hour long metro trains to get from my house to Union Station. I caught my Amtrak bus at 7:30am. I transferred to a train at 10am then I sold jewelry on the train until about 4pm. Luckily the conductor wasn’t opposed to this as she was very preoccupied with her frazzled appearance and making such announcements over the intercom. She said it doesn’t matter what she looks like or that she was a total mess that she was still capable of answering questions.

The train was an hour late but luckily for me & unfortunately for the other riders my bus waited. When I boarded my final bus I overheard a conversation about the train running late because a woman exited the train and it left without her. Normally the train would have abandoned her and not thought twice but the woman left her children on the train and so the train stopped, reversed, and the woman reboarded the train. Apparently no one called the police to report her because they were frustrated enough with being put behind schedule.

We are now running two hours behind schedule and the bus driver is trying to make up for lost time by swerving and speeding down a pitch black two lane highway of S curves. I had to puke or piss and I chose the later. I made my way back to the indoor porta bus potty and locked myself in so the light would come on. I did my best to aim towards my narrow target but the swerving left and right threw me off my feet. I slammed against the wall missing my pants and shoes like a bonified miracle and pissed all over the bus floor and walls. So if you are ever traveling long distance on a bus and wonder who the asshole is who pissed everywhere, that would be me in all the glory and joys of traveling without a car.

I will however make it to the gig in time to sing my heart out as if I feel no pain, no regret, and no sorrow from this world. I will sing as if the holy sun shone only for my benefit. I will sing because I have to. I will sing because I have loved, I have suffered and because I continue on.