I’ve been enjoying the past few days just baking bread and cinnamon rolls. I’ve just spent time cleaning and organizing and feeling great. All the while I’ve been listening to “happy whore” and trying to put the songs in the right order. I spent a ton of time doing this before I went to Olympia and mixed the album and thought it was perfect. In the mixing the songs took on a new life and all of a sudden it was very apparent the songs were in the wrong order! I want so badly to put this album out of my hands but it seemed to me that if the order wasn’t awesome that neither would the album be. So I started over and spent the last couple days just listening. I had no idea it would be such an intimidating process for me. At one point I thought it all sounded weird and that I should trash the whole thing. This morning I’m feeling much more optimistic and with the order of things in place a new excitement of releasing this baby.