I have an interview on butterflies radio January 28th 8pm EST it comes on just after new music monday 6pmEST, in which my song “gasoline” will be out into rotation on their station for the first time!  If you want to tune in for new music monday or hear my interview go to www.butterfliesradio.com    

Sunday February 3rd, 2013 I will be going down to Figueroa st in Los Angeles, CA to audition for the voice again! Wish me luck!  It seems a lot of great things have been coming together this year.  My first european tour in the fall, “happy whore” is making it’s way into radio rotation on public, college, and internet radio stations across the planet, new music video will be finished soon, and I’m writing music for my first film!! whoohoo!  

I’m still broke as ever so expect that I will be doing a kickstarter or indie agogo fundraiser for some of my upcoming major music expenses this year! I am also going to start looking into grants, sponsers, and any other ideas to support my life habit of being an artist.  let me know if you have any good ideas or suggestions about fundraising for music projects for an independant artist.  I hope your post apocolypse is treating you all well. salud, amor, la vida    ~poeina