these are friends of mine who make really great music check them out and support them on kickstarter if you can!!  ~poeina 


»>—————— D O L L A R   M O N D A Y S ! ——->

Today’s the day to give just one dollar toward our new album.

We are raising money for our next album on Kickstarter:


We really want to keep recording music that we can take out on tour, to play our music for you wherever you live.  That’s why we set up our new Kickstarter project to fund the recording of our next album, and to make it possible for us to make more music, and more soon, for your tender ears to hear.

We came up with this Kickstarter idea, because we realized that if all our fans each just gave us one dollar, we could start building the studio and recording new music right now, and we could put out two records in the next year or year and a half, instead of one in five years, if we have to take a full time job to raise this money in advance.  If you want to hear the songs we’ve already started writing, as soon as we can get them recorded, you can contribute to our Kickstarter page right now. 

It’s either: 1) order our albums now, with rad prizes, and get them really soon; or 2) wait to see if we can raise the money ourselves to put the albums out, and get them in four or five years.  You decide. 

Picture of possible album art, by Beth Tacular, and of the hand-built cabin where we’ll put our new recording studio to record new music.


We were thinking some of you have enough money to order an amulet, or a portrait of your dog, or want to be our mascot, but some of you are broke, and you probably think your contribution wouldn’t matter much.  But even a donation of one dollar would mean a lot to us.  And if you tell your friends, and they give a dollar too, it will really add up. 

Today is “Dollar Monday.”

Maybe you got that hot lady to make out with you that time, by playing her Northern Lights.  Maybe you listened to “Tuck the Darkness In” while dealing with a hardship in your life.  Maybe “In our Talons” made you feel like an eco warrior.  Or maybe you just never paid for our music in the past, but it meant something to you when you heard it, and you’d like to contribute something to the people who wrote that music.  Maybe you want to find out what other songs we might come up with next. 

Or maybe you are another musician, and you want to be part of creating a new way for all of our bands to be able to sustain ourselves in a changing music industry.  We think the way forward is by connecting directly with the people who get something out of what we do, and getting their support to continue to write songs for them.

…Or maybe you just don’t want that triple latte with whipped cream today.  You’ll just go with black coffee and drop those extra couple dollars into our little cup.  We will love you for it, seriously.   And anyone giving even one dollar will get signed up to receive updates on the progress of our studio space, new songs and plans for release.  You’ll find out first when the new songs are available, and maybe by then, you’ll have the $8 for the download.

We love you and just want to make you these songsLet’s do this.