I made it into SF late thurs night in time to miss passenger and pilot perform but I still had a great time visiting with friends. I spent yesterday busking at the Bart station and did pretty well. One guy who passed by said he has a friend who works for MTV so he said he’d pass along my music. Then I drove in traffic to get to Oakland and was tired by the time I got through so I took a nap in the van at a grocery store. I only made it as far as redding last night to the TA truck stop where I went to sleep for the night. When I woke up I saw another musician and his wife waking up in their car. We played music in the parking lot and traded jewelry then decided to hit up the redding Saturday market. The market was small and grateful for music. I was given a giant bag of lettuce, a magazine, and a hand full of tips for the gas tank. Now back on the road heading north -Poeina