When I was a gay teen in Utah life was very different than today where all the out and proud are fighting for their equality. After Mathew Sheppard died I remember an article in the newspaper quoting a girl my age at a nearby school saying she was praying during prayer circle that all gays and lesbians would be drug out into the street and shot.
Now today it seems only a few petitions, letters and a little pressure before the state of Utah has to recognize same sex couples. Things really are changing and things still need changing!

Forward message from HRC:
For over 1,300 newlyweds in Utah, the honeymoon might be over before it even began.

Their marriages are 100% legal and valid, but last week Utah Gov. Gary Herbert told state agencies not to process any new benefits for the newly-married couples.

We sprang into action and formally requested that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder extend full federal recognition for these marriages. HRC supporters from across Utah signed on to the letter. And one day later, Holder announced that the federal government will recognize these marriages with full federal rights and benefits.

It’s an important step for these families, but Gov. Herbert’s discriminatory edict still stands. He needs to know that his political move is hurting real people.

Tell Utah Gov. Gary Herbert what you think about his shameful decision. When you’re done, make sure you thank Eric Holder for standing up for marriage!

In case you missed the beginning of this story back in December, here’s what’s happened so far. Hundreds of loving couples married in the weeks after a judge struck down Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage. Then Gov. Herbert petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the marriages (which it did, while the decision is being appealed). After the Supreme Court’s announcement, Herbert stopped state agencies from processing any new benefits for these couples.

These 1,300 couples – whose legal marriages are recognized federally but not in their own state – are yet another bitter reminder that there are still two Americas when it comes to equality. Thanks to our work together, there are now places in this country where full equality is a reality. But for millions, even the most basic protections are still non-existent.

By sending your letter to Utah’s Gov. Herbert, you’ll make sure that he knows that a majority of Americans disagree with his discriminatory decisions, and that you won’t be silent as he stands in the way of history.

And by thanking Attorney General Eric Holder, you’ll show him that America stands behind his defense of the rights of these newlyweds.

Take just a moment and send a letter to Gov. Herbert to let him know you’re against his harmful decisions – and then thank Attorney General Holder for standing up for marriage!

Thank you for standing up for these couples and all couples who deserve nothing less than true equality. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the situation in Utah evolves.


Chad Griffin

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