What an adventure it was to make these sparkly fishnet catsuits for Beyonce’s Formation world tour!  I’ve been making costumes for a long time but I used to only make them for myself and my own shows.  I got a job working with fashion designer Destiney Bleu for her company Dbleudazzled about a year and a half ago.   We make sparkly costumes for all kinds of amazing live shows, tv, and film.  

Before I moved to Los Angeles I had a dream about Beyonce.  In my dream I saw her and said oh hey Beyonce I want to do what you are doing.  She gave me a look and said well follow me and keep up if you want my job because I don’t wait for anything.  In this dream I ran after her trying to keep up with her Queen Bae strides and asked what do I need to do and she replied “If you want to do this, than you need to do this 8 days a week!”.   I woke up and I started working all hours of the day and night practicing, singing, performing and planning my move to LA.  I even had a picture on my wall to remind me to work hard and not give up.  

When we (Dbleudazzled) got the call to make costumes we had three days to come up with a design to submit for approval.  We got the go ahead one day late because of a communication error and we were in a crazy rush to make 16 catsuits all by hand and all we had was our pattern.  There were four of us working around the clock cutting, sewing, and crystalizing the fishnet body suits.  It was really intense and we made a lot of mistakes but it brought us together as a team.   We weren’t even sure they would use the costumes until we started seeing all the pics online coming out. 

It’s so amazing to see something I made with my two hands on such a big stage with so many beautiful dancers and of course on Beyonce!  I got tagged in some photos on instagram from friends at the concert so I wanted to make this post so ya’ll could see exactly what we made.  When you see any pics with the black bodysuits covered in crystals you’ll know we made them and put all those crystals on by hand!  A labor of love in the endless pursuit of passion and rock n roll.  

above photo is from this article: http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/its-beyonce-good-hair-now-7961873

more photos can be seen at Beyonce.com

you can see more of dbleudazzled at http://www.dbleudazzled.com/